Diary of a Shit Brit

It’s 2021 and the British have left the EU. I have decided to document the year that the UK became ‘great again’.

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UK Lockdown 3.0 Version 12

Tuesday 5th January 2021 Five days into ‘Britain Being Great Again’ and I can confirm that we are so far up shit creek without a paddle that we are literally drowning. Someone throw us a life-line – please. The British are plummeting to the depths of despair quicker than Boris Johnson has been changing hisContinue reading “UK Lockdown 3.0 Version 12”

January 3rd 2021

One of my New Year’s resolutions reasons to hate myself when it fails is to limit my time on the life draining device known as my smart-phone. It lasted all of two days as I resorted to default status this morning of checking my phone before checking myself for signs of life. The BBC appContinue reading “January 3rd 2021”

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